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Welcome to your Art portal, we select Artwork for you, from consecrated Artists to emerging ones before they break. Designers who combine Art with fashion, handbags, hats, shoes and accessories are also selected and offered to you to satisfy your Art needs. At Gallerystic you are on command, you can buy Art at non delivery cost, do long term rentals or short ones, as per events.

Gallerystic proudly donates to “connecting souls”, a non-profit organization for children with affective needs, and other non-profit organizations part of its benefits and has a solid social conscience. Learn more about us and how to be part if you are an Artist by pressing our “About” link.


Thanks for visiting us.

Indira Brunot

CEO & Founder Gallerystic


We proudly select for you most interesting Artwork, following investment criteria, collectors criteria, and diversity criteria.

From all over the world, Africa, China, Italy, Spain, United States…, consecrated and emerging Art pieces.  You will have the best selections.

Not sure? Let us know your wishes and we’ll be more than welcome to address you with your best matches.


We will show you how we can enhance your dream event when you dress it with your Artwork selection.

Do you have your Art and you want to do an exhibit? We are here for you.

We organize everything customized and we even do the exposure for you to fill your event madding your exhibit successful and profitable for you.


Moving to the States for a period of time? Wanted to improve your home or office with nice Art able to dress your environment appropriately to represent yourself?  Select what Art you like and do a long term Rental.

Do you have a hotel or Condo and want to have Art that matches vogue taste all the time?  Rent Art instead of buying.

Set up a flat rate and get amazed with new Art at your convenience. We customize your needs.


Passionate about Art to the point you want to wear it? This is your place. You will find unique fashion pieces that will last forever in your closet.

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