Particulars and Corporations

Gallerystic is ready to set up your dream Event dressing it with your Gallerystic Art selection. This option gives you the opportunity to enhance your event and will increase your audience. We set up for you prime location for the Event if needed, catering, valet parking, hostess, security, illumination, DJ or live music show. We can provide you with an exclusive live Art show customized by you. You will keep the Art done at your Event. You decide the type of Canva you want or ask us to surprise you. You are on command. We also do the invites for you and guarantee to fill your event with people related with your business. Your Event can be covered by our TV, Media and Press collaborators to provide an extra marketing / advertise to your business. Send us an email with your needs, estimated date for your Event and other relevant info and we will more than pleased to send you a proposal with a quote. If you have a budget on mind don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will send our proposal based on it.

Galleries and Artists

If you own an Art Gallery or you have your own Art,  you can take advantage setting up with us a Sales Event. We will organize everything to make your Sales Event profitable for you. Send us an email indicating us details about the Sales event you wish to do and your budget if you have an estimate, and we’ll send you a proposal with a quote that will make it happens.

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